XCore Integration with Refinitiv Autex Trade Route

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XCore Integration with Refinitiv Autex Trade Route

XCore has integrated with Refinitiv Autex Trade Route (ATR) – one of the world’s largest global FIX-based order-routing networks. This enables XCore Community of Brokers to access and trade directly with over 600 institutional execution brokers covering the full spectrum of listed Cash Equities Products: Stocks, ETFs, ETNs and ETCs.

Brokers utilizing XCore technology, as part of their trading ecosystem, can combine several best in class global & local execution brokers, market makers and complete their seamless multi-asset offering via a single connection. Sell-Side Brokers on the ATR network can also reach out seamlessly to service Retail XCore Community of Brokers.

Through this integration, XCore is not only simplifying DMA connectivity and execution, but also providing a comprehensive real-time view to Buy-Side firms of all transactions executed across multiple brokers into a powerful platform, equipped with built-in risk management, analytics, monitoring and reporting functionalities.

In combination with trading on ATR, XCore also facilitates market data access to exchanges all over the world through Refinitiv Elektron, CBOE, ICE data services and other market data vendors in our ecosystem. This enables the delivery of stable low latency real-time price feeds of your subscribed instruments into the XCore either as an independent reference market data price feed or as a part of your price aggregation.

For contact details of the execution brokers, you may reach out to your account manager or our support team. PrimeXM team can assist in the entire process until the completion of the connection.

For detailed information on how to connect to an Execution Broker on the Autex network, please refer to our Help Center

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