About Us

PrimeXM is a leading technology provider to the global financial industry. Our key business focus is providing cutting edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions and high end MT4/MT5 bridging and white labels.

Established in 2010 we operate on an international scale with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Limassol and Shanghai. We are privileged to have a highly talented and dynamic work force in all key departments, made up of top industry professionals, covering 19 nationalities. Over 200 financial institutions worldwide choose PrimeXM as their trusted technology partner.

PrimeXM was founded on several key principals: to offer the most reliable and cutting edge technology solutions available on the commercial market for any market participant to take advantage of; and to operate in a completely transparent and neutral way that has no conflicts of interest to our clients. This is backed up by the fact we are purely focused on technology and do not offer liquidity, take kickbacks, or charge Maker fees to liquidity providers (LPs). This allows our clients to work with virtually any LPs on the market and get the most competitive pricing and trading conditions possible.

At the core of our offering is our XCore system, an ultra-low-latency aggregation, smart order routing and reporting engine. This highly modular and scalable system allows any financial institution the ability to connect an unlimited number of liquidity sources, trading platforms and FIX API clients, to one centralized engine that processes orders at sub-milli-second speeds. Aside from the ability to seamlessly distribute liquidity to any individual or other entity, any XCore owner can effectively service both retail and institutional clients alike, with world class execution capabilities, while maintaining real time control over their dedicated setup with maximum flexibility.

Additional to offering pioneering software, we have identified another significant area where we can add value to our client’s operations. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive and highly redundant hosting environment within our existing infrastructure, available for our clients to house their trading systems. This means that any client can co-locate each key component of their setup and grants them the ability to offer the fastest and most stable execution capabilities to their clients, without having to establish their own setup and bearing the associated workload, expense and in-house expertise of doing this themselves.