XCore New Product & Feature

2 min read XCore New Product & Features Thanks to your valuable feedback and input, we have developed two more new features that

White Label

XCore New Features

3 min read XCore New Features As of this week, you will find two more new features on the existing XCore portal https://portal.primexm.com/.

PrimeXM Passes Annual ISO 27001

2 min read PrimeXM Passes Annual ISO 27001 Certification Audit PrimeXM has successfully passed its annual surveillance audit in 2020 for the third

DMA Access to Futures Markets via TT

< 1 min read PrimeXM has integrated with Trading Technologies (TT), an industry-leading institutional platform specialized in Futures Trading. XCore can now be used to

XCore New Feature

< 1 min read XCore New Feature: Streamlined Management of Liquidity Pools The new feature is designed to provide XCore users with the flexibility