Hosting Solutions

PrimeXM offers custom hosting solutions with dedicated resources which can span across multiple data center locations. This co-location ensures sub-millisecond communication with more than 100 global-leading market makers, Tier-1 banks and ECNs, through our dedicated fiber connections. Clients are able to choose the most suitable solution from our dedicated and custom co-location options. As real time low latency applications have specific requirements in terms of performance, in addition to location and appropriate hardware infrastructure, allocating resources correctly is vital. PrimeXM’s offering is carefully designed and resources are never shared between clients, which guarantees optimal peak performance for FX applications.


PrimeXM provides tailored dedicated solutions for clients ranging from start-ups to large financial entities, allowing great flexibility over the available resources. Clients can provision resilient setups with adequate resources in a cost-efficient way, based on current server load without having to account initially, and therefore bare the cost of, the future growth. As the business requirements increase, additional resources can be allocated efficiently at any time, to the specific instances. Taking advantage of our Hosting Infrastructure, additional instances can be deployed quickly, at any of our data center locations, allowing clients to expand their setup to new markets and mitigate risk. Additionally, a complimentary monitoring service is available, including notifications regarding the health status of the instances.


Our Hosting Infrastructure has been designed to meet the highest demands of ultra low latency trading, in terms of connectivity, stability and traffic load. By housing their own choice of hardware in our environment, clients with the most restrictive requirements, such as institutions running High Frequency Trading (HFT) models, can benefit from this exclusive setup. Our in-house specialists are able to advise in the hardware design, as well as order and install the dedicated servers into our cages.