XCore Integration with Refinitiv Elektron

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XCore Integration with Refinitiv Elektron

As a part of our continuous collaboration with a wide range of third-party partners, we have recently completed the integration with Refinitiv Elektron as a Service  into our XCore ecosystem. 

Refinitiv Elektron provides market data access to more than 500 exchange-traded and thousands of OTC markets. This integration allows the delivery of low latency real-time price feeds of your subscribed instruments into the XCore either as an independent reference price feed or as a part of your price aggregation. 

Among other integrations, XCore has already been connected directly with CBOE Exchange Market Data Services  for:

Other integrated Market Data Providers are also available through XCore, such as:

For detailed information on how to add a Market Data Provider, please refer to our  Help Center.

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