As a pure technology provider, the core of our offering consists of an ultra-low latency order management and reporting engine – the XCore. This highly modular and scalable solution facilitates connectivity to a vast range of FX service providers as well as distribution of liquidity to other entities. Flexible modules govern the behavior of the system, enabling brokers to simultaneously target institutions, professional traders and retail clients. With dedicated XCore instances deployed for hundreds of financial institutions and brokers around the globe, this rapidly growing community allows its members efficient exchange of liquidity and extended market reach through our trusted brand.


Leveraging our Hosting Infrastructure, the XCore is currently integrated with over 90 industry-leading market makers and tier-one banks, giving the client the freedom to choose any liquidity partners and venues without technology constraints. Support for a wide variety of popular front-ends, allows XCore owners to provide their liquidity to both retail and institutional clients.
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Liquidity Aggregation

The XCore supports multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation leading to better spreads and superior execution throughout and especially on high trading volumes. Clients can take advantage of the high variety of supported providers to create an optimal mix of liquidity. An unlimited number of liquidity pools can be defined and customized on a per symbol and time frame basis. Additionally, a set of built-in mechanisms ensure the quality of the feed with features such as anti-spike protection and filtration of latent quotes.
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Order Routing & Execution

The XCore supports complex and dynamic routing rules based on different clients, symbols, order types, trade sizes, target LPs, etc. An unlimited number of markup profiles can be defined and customized on a per symbol and time frame basis ensuring optimal settings for various offerings and market conditions.
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Risk Management

The XCore offers great flexibility for a-book, b-book and custom execution models, allowing clients to fine tune the settings down to the level of individual symbols and accounts. All changes are applied in real-time and trade flows can be switched between execution modes seamlessly. Additionally, through the extensive reporting capabilities, the platform provides visibility over all or individual trade flows enabling brokers to efficiently monitor and manage their books.
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Post-Trade Processing & Reporting

The XCore supports direct connectivity for flexible real-time reporting to prime brokers, third party post-trade service providers and back-office systems. XCore owners have the ability to connect with liquidity providers through own prime broker relationships, as well as service clients that require single or multiple prime broker give-ups.
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