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XCORE Web Trader Module

PrimeXM’s proprietary multi-asset web trading platform – XTrader provides intuitive one-click trading panels, real-time orders and positions tracking, market prices and book depth monitoring. The advanced trading interface supports different order types and enables professional and institutional traders to trade with multiple execution venues/liquidity providers within one single platform.

XTrader Customizable layouts Video.

Position Auto Hedge

The Position Auto hedge can help brokers maximize their earnings by netting trades within configurable position limits across different instruments. The auto-hedge rule will reduce positions that breached their limit, by executing trades with selected liquidity providers. Brokers can use the position auto-hedge module to attract new Clients, offering trading in smaller contract sizes than supported by their LPs, without taking any considerable risk

Account Module

Through the comprehensive Margin, NOP or Risk Accounts settings within the module, Brokers can have full control on their hedged and internalized exposures by setting appropriate limits and execution modes in real-time for different trade flows. XCore Accounts perform pre-trade margin checks and ensure the trading risks are properly managed according to the predefined risk parameters.

Configuration Module

The Configuration Module provides users the flexibility to make configuration changes in real-time where markups, aggregation settings, A/B book execution modes can be changed on the fly; or carrying out more complex and multi-component changes in the background pending for a system restart to avoid any disruption to normal trading operations; or automating the changes using predefined rules and schedules by following the simple “if-then-else” logic.

Monitoring Module

The Monitoring Module comprises useful tools such as Quote Book Analyzer, Log Viewer, Connection Status monitoring panels which allows users to analyze provider pricing data on a tick-by-tick basis to perform trade investigation and check price spikes or market gaps; troubleshoot through the FIX logs at different levels for any pricing or trading issues; monitor the connectivity status of connectors and providers in real-time with sound alerts.

MT Monitor Module

The MT Monitor is a comprehensive risk management and monitoring solution for MT4 and MT5 designed to organize and translate all trade data from any number of MetaTrader servers into aggregated reports or dynamic charts which provide actionable trade analytics to the brokers. The corporate actions functions can perform stock split and cash dividends on open positions of underlying single stocks on any connected MT4 servers.

Report Module

The Report Module is a powerful tool which allows users to generate customized reports with in-depth analytical information within each XCore instance. Users can either tailor make their own reports or choose from predefined report templates that can be displayed or exported in Grid or Chart format. Reports can also be scheduled to automatically delivered via email or SFTP to ensure timely reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Admin Client Module

The Admin Client Module provides granularity and transparency of access rights to the end-users. The centralized database for each company allows Admin users to configure user permission templates or profiles for each department or function which then can be shared on multiple instances under one company. Permissions can be defined in real-time on a module level all the way down to specific fields on specific components.

Synthetic Symbols

Synthetics instruments are artificial currency pairs which usually are not available or tradable in the market. This synthetic is created by trading two separate currency pairs in such a way as to effectively trade the new artificial synthetic currency pair. XCORE also offers the ability to create Indices/Baskets which are composed of multiple existing currency pairs.