Admin Client Module Releases on the New XCore Portal

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New XCore Portal

Admin Client Module

Admin Client Module Release on New XCore Portal

Over this Saturday 31 October 2020, we will be releasing another new Module – Admin Client on the New XCore Portal following the earlier deployment of the Config Automation Tool. All Admin users on the Existing Portal will automatically have the new Admin Client Module enabled, while New Admin Client user permissions can be independently modified without affecting the Existing Portal user permissions.

The Admin client module is built on a more intuitive database structure storing the access rights settings for all XCore instances belonging to the same company in a centralized database. This would allow XCore Portal Admin users to configure user groups as user permission Templates or profiles which then can be shared on multiple instances under one company. The improved usability and functionality of the new module have enabled brokers to add a new user or remove an existing one in a more swift and concise manner during daily operations.

At the same time, the new design of the Admin Client has improved data integrity and provides better granularity and transparency of access rights to the end-users. The XCore Portal Admin user now can create permission profiles using the Access Groups Component to define access rights for specific departments, teams internally, or external clients to access a particular module of the XCore such as XTrader.

The granularity allows the user access permissions to be defined from the highest level of a specific module all the way down to the precise field of a component. Simultaneously it allows better control of user actions under each component and restricts data access of individual XCore Account or Connector data. And the transparency means the XCore Admin users can have full visibility on each user’s actions through the Activity logs which can be generated in real-time providing detailed information on logins, configuration changes by each user on a specific XCore Instance.

We strongly encourage you to conduct sufficient testing on your Demo XCore Instance before implementing configurations on the Live Admin Client module, especially if you are planning to roll out external user access for your Clients on the XCore Web Trader.

Your feedback and input are important to our continuous product development and services enhancement. We look forward to hearing from you any suggestions and requirements on the XCore that you can send directly to PrimeXM management on 

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us via our XCore Chat module, Slack, or drop us an email to the Account Managers team: or our Support Team

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