Account Module Released on the New XCore Portal

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New XCore Portal

Account Module

Account Module Release on New XCore Portal

We are pleased to announce that – the Account Module has been released on the New XCore Portal.

Margin and NOP Accounts enable brokers to define various risk parameters, monitor real-time exposure, and mark-to-market P&L in a single dashboard across various channels: B2B/FIX API connections, 3rd party platforms, and multiple trading servers (MT4, MT5, or White Labels).  

Exposure Accounts can be used free of charge and can be set as powerful risk management tools, allowing brokers to set exposure limits on their internalized flow (b-book) and auto-hedge their exposure with selected Liquidity Providers.

Brokers can define Margin and NOP limits for their FIX API, B2B, White Labels connections that mirror available equity in their MT4 and MT5 Coverage accounts.

Key Features of the Account Module:

  • Usage of Margin and NOP XCore Accounts including MT4/MT5 coverage accounts is free!
  • Exposure accounts perform low latency pre-trade credit checks against the assigned Margin or NOP limit for the corresponding Client Account or Connection.
  • Set and control global limits, per symbol, per currency & time-frame exposure limits.
  • Organize and automate risk management process, auto-hedge with LPs in case internal exposure limits are breached.
  • Limit exposure levels on the fly, prior to or during volatile markets caused by major news events.
  • Monitor and manage exposure in real-time via a single dashboard across all Brokers platforms.
  • Ability to monitor hedged exposure with Liquidity Providers and ease the reconciliation process with Clients.

Many Brokers are servicing B2B and Professional clients by utilizing the MT4 Coverage accounts connected to their XCore OMS trading engine. PrimeXM has created an automatic MT4-XCore Account Auto Sync Service, allowing Brokers to manage their B2B & FIX API business seamlessly.  XCore Margin Accounts can be automatically synchronized to the available Equity from MT4 Coverage accounts, without the need for manual intervention. Brokers can continue using existing CRM and RegTech vendors while launching bespoke Institutional/ B2B /API Services. Auto-sync service takes away the hassle from Brokers Operations to manually sync discrepancies caused by monetary transactions performed on the MT4 Coverage accounts such as deposits, withdrawals, swaps, commissions, dividend payments, etc.

To learn more and to activate MT4-XCore Account Auto Sync Service, please contact your Account Manager.

Your feedback and input are important to our continuous product development and services enhancement. We look forward to hearing from you any suggestions and requirements on the XCore that you can send directly to PrimeXM management on 

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us via our XCore Chat module, Slack, or drop us an email to the Account Managers team: or our Support Team

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