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The reporting interface, an integrated part of PrimeXM’s XCore high performance solution, provides clients with dedicated and customised reporting and analysis of their trading data. Detailed custom reports can be generated and data can be precisely filtered and exported, giving the user valuable insight into both their trading activity and setup efficiency. Such reports focus on every aspect of the trading environment,including slippage, execution times, real-time positions, rejections and gains. Users have the ability to drill down to the level of individual order and trade activity, or group data to create the perfect management summary reports.

XCore’s integrated and intuitive reporting module provides customised and extensive analysis, allowing real-time insight into every aspect of the trading environment. 

Our reporting system can reflect all aspects of trading, including slippage, time elapsed during trading, real-time net positions, transaction status, accurate to each trading product, branch of each order, and so on. In addition, users can also perform macro data statistics and generate statistical reports.

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